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Singapore evangelism 新加坡佈道大會
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Preached by Jerry Chong in Mandarin, interpreted in English

  1. 亂世佳音 Good news for a chaotic world 

  2. 人生寄託 Do we still need God? 

  3. 苦海良渡 Survival in a troubled world 

  4. 處世良規 What is the universal standard? 

  5. 天從人願 Fulfillment to men's desire 

  6. 居安思危 Time is running out 

  7. 命運主宰 A glimpse into the future 

  8. 身後真情 The truth about death 

  9. 仙凡路隔 How far from hell is heaven? 

  10. 當仁不讓 The best of faith 

  11. 蒙福之道 God's plan for our happiness 

  12. 先入為主 Is the majority always right? 

  13. 超塵拔俗 A formula for success 

  14. 何所適從 Which is the right way? 

  15. 勝券在握 Secrets of a victorious life 



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