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Bible study tool 研經工具
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免費研經工具 2.2 版  Free Bible Study Tool
This program works only in Chinese Windows operating system.
It also works in English Windows operating system. However, you cannot see the menu and Chinese characters properly unless Chinese fonts display program installed.
This program can open seven versions of bibles simultaneously. It is an excellent tool to compare translations, view cross-reference, index, dictionary, copy, text search, etc.

Program Installation:
Download bst22.exe to a temporary directory in your hard drive. Decompress it by double click it. Run setup.exe after decompression completes. Select only the first basic option. This installation includes one Chinese Bible. The program will be installed in C:\bst.

Extra versions of English bible installation:
After installation completes. Download the rest of the bible files into C:/bst. Double click all .exe bible files to decompress them. Delete all .exe files just downloaded. Installation complete.

這個程式只能在中文視窗操作系統中運作.  它雖然亦能在英文視窗操作系統中運作, 但你卻不能適切地見到視窗中之 '菜單' 及中文字.  除非外掛中文顯示程式. 這個程式能同時開啟七種聖經譯本.  它是一個用作翻譯比較, 前後參照比對, 索引, 聖經詞典, 抄錄, 文本搜尋等的卓越工具.

bst22.exe復製至你的電腦硬盤中之臨時目錄中.  雙擊此檔案使之解除壓縮.  解除壓縮完成之後執行 setup.exe 安裝程序.  只選第一基本選項.  這樣安裝就已包括一本中文聖經在內.  這程式將會安裝在硬盤研經工具C:\bst. 


上述安裝完成之後, 下載其餘的聖經檔案入C:\bst.  雙擊聖經檔案中之所有可執行程序檔使之解除壓縮.  刪除剛才復製之所有可執行程序檔 *.exe.  安裝完成.


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